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Click on the images below to view our Debt Monkey TV commercials and other Advantage Credit Counseling Service educational videos. We have a great collection of┬ácommercials and videos dating all the way back to 2005. See why everyone is talking about the Debt Monkey and Advantage Credit Counseling Service! We’ve been helping people with their Debt Monkey since 1968 and we can help you too!

Advantage CCS Goal Tracker Video

Top 10 Warning Signs Of Debt

All About Advantage CCS

Advantage CCS Credit Report Review

Advantage Advice: Secured Credit vs. Unsecured Credit

Advantage Advice: Cutting Expenses

Advantage Advice: Money Saving Tips

Online Budget Advisor Video Tour

Our Debt Management Program

Our Credit Counseling Service

Free Credit Counseling with Advantage CCS

Debt Money Wide Range

Debt Money Settlement

Debt Money Financial

Debt Monkey & Woman In Pink

Debt Monkey & Woman In Green

Debt Monkey & Man

Debt Monkey & Women (Water Cooler Chat)

Debt Monkey & Men (Water Cooler Chat)

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