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Surviving Unemployment

Surviving Unemployment

Worrying about money is just one of the many stresses involved in losing a job – but it is a major one.

You’ll want to halt all unnecessary spending. Go…

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Shop Smart


Do you make wise shopping decisions? If you answer yes to 2 or more of the following questions, you may find that you spend more money on groceries, clothes,…

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The Refill Pitfall

Small Expenses Add Up: The Refill Pitfall

Have you ever been offered a free or low-cost printer, razor, or electric toothbrush? Companies often offer these expensive products at a deep discount…

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Hiring a Tax Professional

Do You Really Need to Hire a Tax Professional?

Tax preparation can vary from extremely difficult to extremely easy. For those who have a lot of deductions, using a professional tax…

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Emergency Savings Fund

Why an Emergency Savings Fund is so Important

Many people fail to prepare for the future. Financial security is important for every person. An emergency savings fund can help individuals look…

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Family-Style Debt Management

9-5 Cost-Cutting for Family-Style Debt Management

In the event of economic downturn, your immediate concerns might be bills or debts: rent or mortgage payments, electricity, gas, student loans, food, and water. In…

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The Cost of Being Overweight

The Financial Cost of being Overweight

Individuals who struggle with obesity or being overweight not only suffer physically but financially as well.

Annual Cost of Being Severely Overweight

The financial costs of obesity…

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