Month: March 2017

The Big Risks of Cosigning for Student Loans

A person might have a child, family member, or even a close family friend who is about to start college. They turned in their applications, they got accepted into their school of choice, and they got their financial aid award letter. BUT because their dream school’s financial aid award doesn’t completely cover the cost of […]

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Guarding Your Credit

With the growing concern about financial fraud and identity theft, getting protected has become more important than ever. It’s imperative to gain awareness on how to effectively look after yourself and your finances in this digital world. Also, in an unstable economy, the sudden loss of a job can create a financial crisis and you […]

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How To Deal With Student Loan Debt

Congratulations on completing college! But maybe you’re not in a celebrating mood because your first student loan payment is due? You might be a college graduate in a rough or competitive job market, and have more student loan debt, credit card debt, or other debts than you can handle. You might be struggling to find […]

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How To Go From Two Incomes To One

Whether you quit your job, lost your job, had a baby and decided to stay home, or had a divorce or separation, the loss of a second income can be a BIG adjustment. Many families are used to two incomes, and they feel as if it would be almost impossible to survive on only one […]

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The Best Websites and Apps for Budgeting

It’s no secret that budgeting can be boring…if you let it. We’re here to show you the best ways to go about setting up a budget and how to easily maintain and stick to that budget. We’re also going to list some of the best budgeting resources out there today to help you accomplish all […]

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