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Free Online Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Credit Counseling Services For Florida Residents Hit By Troubled Times

Nowhere has our present day economic crisis been felt more than Florida. This is why many people are turning to Advantage CCS and our free online credit counseling program for Florida residents in need of assistance and guidance in these troubled times.

The one thing stressed to anyone contacting us for our consumer credit counseling and debt management services in Florida is reassurance that they aren’t alone. There is sometimes a sense of shame felt whenever someone goes to another for help or advice with his or her finances. Anyone needing Florida consumer credit counseling online should feel no shame at all as to how they got in this position. The news headlines and statistics provide enough explanation.

Florida’s unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in 15 years. South Florida alone lost 60,000 jobs between November of 2007 and November of 2008. According to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, South Florida has experienced the third largest employment drop of the 310 metropolitan areas tracked.

None of us anticipated a nationwide recession that would have everyone in fear of layoffs and the uncertainty of tomorrow. You turn on the evening news and see an unprecedented number of people losing their homes to foreclosure. Perhaps you’re concerned that you’re just a few missed payments away from being in the same position. This is why Advantage CCCS now offers credit counseling services in Florida via the Internet.

Maybe you’ve already been missing monthly payments and have creditors interrupting family dinnertime with phone calls regarding missed payments?

Maybe you have so many monthly bills with creditors that you can’t keep track of what is due on a given week? Sometimes one oversight may cause a due date to be overlooked and suddenly you are hit with late fees and penalties like interest rate hikes that will ultimately bury you further in debt if some kind of action isn’t taken soon.

Our consumer credit counseling services for Florida residents can put an end to those creditor phone calls. After the initial consultation, with your approval, our certified consumer credit counselors can take action by implementing our debt management services for Florida residents and calling creditors to lower interest rates and remove all late fees or over the limit penalties that have accumulated.

Another benefit of our credit counseling services for residents of Florida is the fact that we can package all monthly bills into one simple monthly payment, making month-to-month bills easier to manage.

Despite your best efforts, even if you are suddenly able to pay bills on time, the damage from one “rough patch” may be insurmountable, reaching a point where very little of your monthly payment is going towards paying off your actual debt. This is why inquiring about our online consumer credit counseling services for Florida residents could be the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that has been nowhere in sight since the beginning of your financial woes.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our online consumer credit counseling for Florida residents:

  • FREE online credit counseling program: The consultation, the first step of our online consumer credit counseling services in Florida, is 100% free with no obligations. Upon reviewing your information, you are contacted by telephone by a certified consumer credit counselor that provides you with a thorough financial analysis and suggested action plan.If it is determined by you and the counselor that you could benefit from our credit repair and debt management services for Florida residents, there will be a simple one-time setup fee of $45 and a monthly maintenance fee that varies from $5 to $35 depending on how many creditors are owed.
  • Florida consumer credit counseling online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no need to stress about scheduling time off from work to meet with a consumer credit counselor during business hours. Forms for our free online credit counseling program for Florida residents can be completed at any time – even in your pajamas on a night where your financial situation has you tossing and turning!
  • Information submitted to us for our online credit counseling services for Florida residents is strictly confidential and secure. Our online credit counselors only need your contact information, budget information, and general credit card account information. Credit card account numbers and Social Security numbers are NOT required in our free online credit counseling program for Florida residents.

Turning the corner begins with our online credit counseling program for Florida residents wanting to significantly reduce debt – even eliminate it all together – within 3 to 5 years versus the ten or more years, it would take to accomplish alone.

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