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For most people, tax preparation takes little planning and organization throughout the year and helps prevent the annual tax drudgery every April. For starters, ask yourself, how much of a refund are you getting this year? If it’s more than $100, you may want to consider reducing your withholding amount. Getting a tax refund is not necessarily a good thing because what you’re doing is extending an interest-free loan to the federal government. On the other hand, if you end up owing money to the IRS, you will need to increase your withholding amount. It is always recommended to take expert advice for tax preparation to get the maximum tax benefits.

The key to making your tax return as painless as possible is documentation. Designate a place for all your tax records and keep it in an accessible location. If you have experienced a major change in your life – for example, a marriage, divorce, new home, or new baby – consult a tax advisor early in the year to find out what impact, if any, this change will have on your tax return.

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